1. Check out time is strictly at 12 noon. A late checkout can be permitted, subject to availability and extra charges on half-day basis till 6 pm will be applicable. Checkout after 6 pm will attract a full one-day rental charge.
  2. The premises shall not be used for any illegal or immoral activity and possession and consumption of drugs is not allowed on the premises.
  3. Outside guests cannot stay overnight on the premises under any circumstances.
  4. No refund shall be made under any circumstances for an early checkout under any circumstances.
  5. The guests are responsible for all their personal belongings. The management shall not be liable for any or any loss or damage under any circumstances. Most of our units are provided with an electronic personal safe. Guests are expected to make use of the same for keeping their cash, jewelry, travel documents, and other such valuable possessions. The management shall not be responsible for the loss of any such articles under any circumstance.
  6. The guests are expected to be personally present in the unit during the visit of our housekeeping team for the servicing of the unit.
  7. The management is not responsible for any accident or injury to any guest during the stay on the premises.
  8. The guests shall be liable to pay for any loss or damage to any of furniture, fixtures, fittings, appliances, crockery and cutlery, or even contamination of the pool, and shall have to compensate in cash for the same prior to check out.
  9. The guests are expected to follow the swimming pool rules and be dressed in proper swimming attire while using the pool. The pool rules are displayed in the pool area and a copy of the same is available with the property manager as well. The management reserves the right to claim damages from the guest in case of misuse of the pool in any manner, and in case the pool rules are not followed.
  10. Guests are expected to respect the sensitivities of other residents and not to indulge in any activity that may disturb or cause inconvenience to the other residents.
  11. Guests are expected to follow a smart and casual dress code while at the premises.
  12. While we do expect a few guests to arrive at the premises late at night, it is expected that they shall proceed to their unit with least amount of noise to ensure that no disturbance is caused to the other residents.
  13. Playing of loud music on the premises is strictly prohibited. Guests are welcome to do so within their units as long as it does not disturb the other residents.
  14. The complimentary wifi at certain locations is provided as a free service and the management cannot be held responsible for the speed or connectivity of the same.
  15. Rights of admission to the property are reserved and the staff and the management are at liberty to ask a guest to leave if it is found that the house rules are not being followed by the guest.
  16. Guests are welcome to verify the inventory of fixtures, crockery and cutlery etc at the unit with the staff on arrival. The inventory list on arrival shall be treated as final for the purpose of determining the damage or loss of our property during check out.
  17. In case of any fault or malfunctioning of the appliances within the unit, the guests are not supposed to try and fix it themselves but to seek help from the staff.
  18. Pets are strictly not allowed at any of our premises.